About us

Falke international was founded in 1994. Since the beginning our company executives have been active as consultants and investors, continuously creating a set of connections which spans over three continents and links us to a great source of corporate contacts and advanced expertise. Falke international offers several years of global know-how and knowledge from Investing as well as experience from the IT sector, the Textile industry, the Pharmaceuticals’ industry, the Gaming industry and the Telecom business.

Mr. Jan Falke – Chief Executive Officer

For over twentyfive years, Jan Falke has been active as an IT and Telecom senior expert as well as a business economist focusing on corporate finance transactions in large and middle-sized companies. On September 1, 2015, he became the company’s CEO. Mr. Falke has far-reaching experience in international business.

Mr. Sebastian Falke – Head of Finance

Mr. Sebastian Falke has broad experience from working as an expert advisor for the gaming industry. He has extensive economical education and has been a Youtube fund partner advisor since 2011. He is also our expert in international e-commerce and internet business.


Falke international

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